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TV dads: Most memorable fathers, from Rogelio de la Vega to Zeek Braverman to Bart Bass

No two TV dads are alike.

Our favorite TV show dads run the gamut, from sweet to hilarious to downright evil.

Here are some of the most notable fathers on television, from absentee dad Ross Geller to homicidal Rowan Pope. Scroll down to see who we like and who we can't stand.

Jack Pearson from 'This Is Us': The problem-solving dad

Was there ever a problem
Photo Credit: NBC / Ron Batzdorff

Was there ever a problem "This Is Us" dad Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) couldn't solve? This lovable TV dad always swooped in right at the perfect moment to help his children feel accepted (Kate's Madonna-themed birthday party) and loved (Randall's karate class). Jack even spent his last moments alive rescuing his family from a house fire. Let us never forget Pilgrim Rick and the other traditions Jack and Rebecca's three children continued long after their father's death. He may not have been a perfect husband, but he sure did try. Likability rating: 10/10

Honorable mention: Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown), who became a selfless image of his own late father while raising his two daughters and finding his footing as a foster dad.

Dr. Harley Wilkes from ‘Hart of Dixie’: The guardian-angel dad

It's hard to rate a dad who never
Photo Credit: The CW via YouTube

It's hard to rate a dad who never got to spend any time with his daughter, especially when that choice wasn't made on his own accord. The late Dr. Harley Wilkes, while absent from Zoe Hart's entire life, served as a guardian angel of sorts, guiding her toward her life's purpose in the small town of Bluebell. If Hart had been open to Wilkes' proposal to move to Bluebell while he was still alive -- or if her mother had disclosed his identity -- we're sure he would have been a fantastic father. Likability rating: 8/10

Michael Bluth from ‘Arrested Development’

Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) tries. Seriously, he tries
Photo Credit: Netflix

Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) tries. Seriously, he tries hard. Maybe the lack of structure in his own crumbling family is to blame for his mediocre parenting skills. He'd rank higher on our list if not for that season 4 dating debacle that's carried over into the series' 5th. Rule of thumb: If you find out you're dating the same woman as your son, Michael, lurking in the background on their dates isn't the answer. Likability rating: 5/10

Mike Heck from ‘The Middle’: The ‘don’t bother me’ dad

Mike Heck really couldn't be bothered with his
Photo Credit: ABC

Mike Heck really couldn't be bothered with his three children. Sue is occasionally able to break through his tough exterior -- after she takes extreme efforts, like organizing "dad days" -- but even then, he'd prefer to kick back with a beer and watch the game. Likability rating: 4/10

Logan Roy from ’Succession’: The money-hungry dad

At the heart of the dysfunctional Roy family:
Photo Credit: HBO / Craig Blankenhorn

At the heart of the dysfunctional Roy family: patriarch Logan, a media mogul who's willing to kick up "friendly" competition among his children as they duke it out for head of Daystar Royko. We've seen but only a glimpse into Logan's (Brian Cox) psyche in the new HBO show, so likability is hard to judge. On one hand, Logan has raised a seriously head-strong bunch of budding media experts. On another, their morals are clearly lacking. Likability rating: 3/10

Frank Gallagher from ‘Shameless’: The drunk dad

No surprise here: Frank Gallagher is one of
Photo Credit: Showtime / Cliff Lipson

No surprise here: Frank Gallagher is one of the very worst dads on television. If not passed out on the living room floor or shooting up under the train tracks, he's stealing money and food from his children, leaving them, at times, homeless. As far as redeeming qualities go, we're at a loss. He tried to pull his act together in the show's eighth season, but we're not convinced it'll last. Likability rating: 0/10

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